Kylie joins H and M for swimwear collection

Swedish clothing company Hennes and Mauritz has turned its attentions to Kylie Minogue and Australia for this summer's beachwear collection.

The collection, which draws on Kylie Minogue for inspiration, is described as sporty, glamorous and ‘bohemian-chic’. Going under the name ‘H&M loves Kylie’, the ad campaign to accompany the new line is to be fronted by the singer and style icon.

“When we think Australia and glamour we think Kylie, who is such a stylish person,” said H&M’s head of design Margareta van den Bosch in a statement.

The ‘H&M loves Kylie’ line is part of H&M’s main swimwear range and contains fifteen styles which will be in all H&M stores that sell womenswear in mid-May.

“It has been a great experience to work with H&M on creating this summer range. To me it is all about summer indulgence, effortless chic and lots of fun!” said Minogue in a statement.