Seven year sentences for Gothenburg airport heist

Seven of the eight men charged with involvement in a dramatic robbery at Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg in March last year have been found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment.

Six of the men have received seven year prison sentences, while a seventh will spend two months behind bars.

Charges brought against an eighth man were dropped as the court could not prove he knew that the bomb-like device he had manufactured would be used in the robbery.

Most of the evidence used in the trial consisted of analysis of the suspects’ telephone traffic.

The district court also made use of DNA evidence tying two of the men to a balaclava and a getaway vehicle.

The two men who co-ordinated activities from inside the airport were considered to share equal culpability with the four men who carried out the actual robbery.

Om March 7th last year a four-wheel drive car containing a driver and three armed men forced its way through a security gate at the airport.

The men drove up to an SAS plane and threatened the flight crew with automatic weapons before gaining entry to the plane’s hold.

They left the scene with 7.8 million kronor in foreign currency.

After the robbery the men left a suspected bomb device by the plane, which led to the closure of Landvetter airport for nine hours.

Six of the eight men charged denied any involvement in the raid.