FlyMe affair to be investigated

Collapsed Swedish budget airline FlyMe could soon have new owners, receivers for the company say. Meanwhile, the fall of the company is being investigated by prosecutors.

Rickard Ström of Stockholm law firm Lindahl, who was appointed after the airline went bankrupt last week, said he hoped to be close to a deal to sell the business later this week.

The airline grounded all its flights on Friday, leaving 2,500 passengers stranded.

“The biggest ambition, that I am working hard to realise, is to bring about a set of conditions in which the business can be sold. We have a short time window in which to do this. I would very much like to be in a position for a transfer this week,” Ström said.

It is still unclear whether the affected passengers might be able to get their money back.

“If you have paid for your trip in cash or by some other means, you have a claim against the assets of the company. That claim should be made to us. What the claim is worth is another question. For them to be able to receive a part of the assets is contingent on there being payments to non-prioritised creditors,” he said.

Meanwhile, the fall of FlyMe is being investigated by prosecutors at the Swedish National Economic Crimes Bureau, it was announced on Monday.

“I started an investigation on Friday following a complaint to the Swedish National Economic Crimes Unit,” said prosecutor Lars Lithner to news agency TT on Monday.

“This is still in the early stages, and we are working on getting a picture of what has happened and collecting information. There’s little more I can add at this stage,” he said.

Lithner said he hopes the investigation will be completed quickly, adding that the case had been prioritized.


Police raid law firm linked to Fly Me

Lawyer Staffan Edh has resigned from law firm Hamilton in Gothenburg following speculation about his role on the Fly Me affair.

Police raided the offices of the law firm on Friday. One of the reasons for the raid was a client account not included in Fly Me’s accounts, which was controlled by Edh and Chairman of the Board, Björn Olegård.

No other board members had access to the account at the law firm, SVT reports.

Staffan Edh is a board member of Fly Me Sweden, which recently went bankrupt, and parent company Fly Me Europe. On Wednesday Hamilton announced that it was to look into Edh’s role in the bankruptcy.

“I think it is the right decision on his part,” said Hamilton’s CEO Mikael Wahledow.