Flu epidemic reaches its peak

This season's flu epidemic is set to reach its peak within the next two weeks. The Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control (SMI) reckons that more than 150,000 Swedes are currently affected by the virus.

While estimating the number of people affected by the flu in the midst of an ongoing epidemic is not an exact science, SMI is certain that this year’s outbreak is tame in comparison to 2003/04, when twice as many people are thought to have been infected.

SMI reckons that around 4 percent of the population will have had the flu by the time the season comes to an end.

“If we say 4 percent, we can predict that around half of those will be ill when the epidemic reaches its peak. That’s where we are now, with 150,000 people sick across the country, or maybe a few more,” said spokeswoman Annika Linde.

Stockholm has been particularly hard hit by this year’s bout of influenza. Workplaces are more thinly populated than usual and a number of theatres have had to cancel their performances.