Police fear Helsingborg couple were murdered

Police in southern Sweden say they fear that a couple missing for over a month may have been murdered, following the arrest of a young man.

The pair have not been seen at their home in Helsingborg since mid-January. Police say the circumstances of the couple’s disappearance mean that foul play cannot be rules out, according to local media.

A man in his twenties, arrested on Saturday for another crime, is now suspected of murder. A hearing will be held on Wednesday afternoon to remand him in custody. Police have not revealed whether the man has made a confession.

The whereabouts of the missing couple is not yet known.

“We don’t know where they are, or whether they are alive or dead,” said Charley Nilsson, spokesman for the police in north-western Skåne.

“There are indications that they did not leave of their own accord. We believe that there is a crime behind all this and that this chap is involved,” he said.

Police were alerted to the couple’s disappearance a few days ago, although they had been missing for over a month. The man arrested on Saturday knew the couple, but police said he was not related to them.