Reinfeldt and Blair ‘agree’ on climate change

Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has said he is "remarkably in agreement" with British counterpart Tony Blair about the need for the European Union to have strict targets to combat climate change.

Speaking on Tuesday after the two leaders met at 10 Downing Street, Blair’s official residence in London, Reinfeldt said that he had agreed with Blair on the need to find common ground in the search for solutions to climate change .

Sweden and the UK both view the current EU proposal on climate change as too weak. Reinfeldt said that Sweden would accept the proposal, but would really like the 27-member bloc to take a tougher stance.

Blair agreed on the need for strong European action:

“We have a real possibility of showing how Europe can lead a debate on climate change and energy security and deregulation.”

Reinfeldt praised Blair’s “enormous act of leadership,” saying that the UK “has a long way to go to reach [the targets].” The UK had one of the worst records for emissions and for clean energy production in the EU.

“We are talking here about the country that is second from bottom among the EU’s 27 current member states. Sweden is leading, so it’s naturally easy for us,” he said.