‘Keep pubs and nightclubs open all night’

Stockholm's head of social welfare, Ulf Kristersson, has opened the door for bars and nightclubs in the city to stay open all night. The Moderate Party politician has handed the city's social welfare division the task of generating a new set of regulations.

Working on the premise that the current rules are antiquated and impractical, Kristersson wants to develop the city’s night life and bring it up to date with societal changes.

The dawn of sushis bars in recent years provides an insight into the sort of regulations he means. Since alcohol licences are only given to establishments that serve warm food, sushi restaurants do not have the option of serving wine or sake.

There are currently 1,600 bars, restaurants and nightclubs in Stockholm with a licence to serve alcohol. Of these, 222 are permitted to stay open until 3 a.m., two until 4 a.m. and eleven can keep the party going until 5 a.m.

Last year 59 of the city’s licensed premises lost the right to serve alcohol, which was a new record.

Photo: Alex Brandell/Malmö Turism/Imagebank Sweden