Stenbeck ‘to take over at Kinnevik’

Cristina Stenbeck is due to take over as chairwoman of Kinnevik, the holding company that has been controlled by her family since 1936.

Stenbeck, 29, is to take over as chairman of the company at the AGM, due to be held on 10th May, according to Dagens Nyheter. She will replace current chairman Pehr G Gyllenhammar.

Stenbeck hinted at the move in a television interview on Sweden’s TV8 last week. She said that she and Gyllenhammar were having “ongoing” discussions about when she would take over, adding that she did not have a time plan for her ascent to the top job.

Cristina Stenbeck is already deputy chairwoman of Kinnevik’s board, and sits on the boards of many of the companies in which it has shareholdings. Kinnevik is the major shareholder in media groups Metro International and MTG. It is one of the largest listed investment companies in Europe.

Control of the Stenbeck business empire passed to New York-born Cristina and her siblings after the death of her father, Jan Stenbeck, in 2002.

Kinnevik was on Thursday not commenting on Dagens Nyheter’s story, but a spokesman told the E24 website that the company’s nomination committee would present its proposals for chairman ahead of the AGM.

If Stenbeck is confirmed as chairman, she will be the youngest chairperson of a Stockholm-listen company. Kinnevik, in which Mia Brunell is CEO, would also become the only Stockholm-listed company with a female chairperson and a female CEO.