Stockholm gets digital TV makeover

At 9.45am on Monday, the television transmitter in Nacka outside Stockholm had its analogue signal shut off.

By 6pm at the latest, Teracom, Sweden’s terrestrial broadcast service company, will have completed the changeover. From then on, SVT2 and TV4 will only be available on the digital network.

Sweden’s parliament, the Riksdag, decided in 2003 that all terrestrial broadcasts should cease by February 1st 2008, and Stockholm is the latest in a series of locations to make the switch. The Baltic island of Gotland was first out in September 2005.

All through Monday work is set to continue on improving the digital reception for the two channels.

“If you can’t get Bolibompa or the news you should start getting worried,” said Stina Sandell, a spokeswoman for the Swedish Digital TV Commission.

The analogue signal is to be retained for SVT1 for a further two weeks as a safety precaution in order to ensure that nobody will be left without important television broadcasts.