Police arrest man for possession of flour

When police in Malmö discovered a rucksack containing five kilos of amphetamines they decided to set a trap for its owner. But their plan contained one fatal flaw and a suspect arrested in connection with the haul has now been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Having found the amphetamines at a shelter in Malmö, police mounted a hidden camera in order to catch the owner of the drugs. But first they replaced the amphetamines with flour and sugar.

In due course a man arrived and took the bag. Police quickly swooped and placed the suspect under arrest. He was later convicted by Malmö District Court and given a four year sentence for possession of narcotics.

But the suspect decided to appeal the verdict. He told the court of appeal that he had simply come upon the rucksack and was not aware of its contents.

As the police had opened up a very large loophole, his story proved superfluous. Possession of flour and sugar are not illegal in Sweden, said the court, before telling the suspect he was free to go.