The Pirate Bay gives ‘diploma’ to King

The Pirate Bay, one of the world's largest sites for internet piracy, has announced plans to give a diploma to King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden "for making Sweden famous globally for technology and culture."

The famously self-promoting Pirate Bay, which in January declared it wished to buy a North Sea platform to escape Swedish copyright laws, is now full of praise for the freedom it is allowed in Sweden.

Sweden received a ‘special mention last month in a report by the International Intellectual Copyright Alliance (IIPA), a global pro-copyright lobby group.

The group said that Sweden was the scene of widespread internet piracy, adding that the country’s legal framework created difficulties in enforcing copyright. It also said that politicians lacked knowledge about the scope of the ‘filesharing problem’.

For The Pirate Bay, however, Sweden’s relaxed environment for piracy is a source of pride. In a statement on its website, the Pirate Bay’s operators said they were giving the diploma to the Swedish monarch “since we’re proud of being Swedish.”

“We have in a great cooperation made remarkable progress in the fight for positioning Sweden as a prosperous nation regarding technology and culture,” the diploma says, according to The Pirate Bay’s official translation posted on its website.

The statement goes on to say that the site, which calls itself “the world’s largest Bit Torrent tracker,” has over 200,000 “articles of culture” in its archives, while tracking over 500,000 files globally.

The operators of the site say they have requested an audience with the king, “or preferably with Princess Madeleine”.