Courtroom romance as trial turns into wedding

A criminal trial turned into an impromptu wedding on Friday after the couple in the dock asked the judge to marry them.

The couple, a 42-year-old man who was on trial for stealing a car, and his girlfriend, 26, who was prosecuted as an accessory to the crime, were seen exchanging rings while sitting in the dock in Uppsala District Court.

The couple had earlier fallen into each others’ arms as they entered the courtroom, reports Aftonbladet. They had been separated ahead of the trial as the man had been remanded in custody.

While waiting for the verdict in the case, the couple surprised judges by asking to be married. With no time to arrange bridesmaids or a reception, the couple held their nuptials in the more spartan environment of a criminal trial, with lawyers looking on.

Lay judge Jan Ulmander, who had presided over an earlier bail hearing involving the man, was called in to officiate.

“They called for me and asked if I could marry these two people,” Ulmander told The Local.

“They had originally planned to marry on Monday, but decided that they wanted to do it immediately.”

“I marry people in court the whole time, but it is unusual to be asked to marry people who are on trial,” he said.

Judges in Sweden have the right to officiate at civil weddings. Anyone who wishes can marry in court.

The happy couple will have to wait before embarking on their honeymoon – the man was given a two-month prison sentence. His wife was convicted, but received a non-custodial sentence.