Swedish women ‘are British men’s favourites’

British men looking for love would rather find it with a Swede than with a woman of any other nationality, a new poll has shown.

A new survey commissioned in Britain by phone company Orange showed that men in the UK put Swedish women at the top of their list of desirable lovers, ahead of French, Spanish, Italian and Irish women.

Swedish men did not fare quite as well, with Italian, Irish, Spanish, French and Greek men considered preferable. Still, British women said they would prefer to find love with a Swede than with a Dutchman, a Dane or a Swiss man.

The poll, carried out by YouGov, interviewed 2,376 people in a representative sample. Pollsters asked respondents what they wanted from a relationship with a foreign lover. Fifteen percent said they were lured by a sexy accent and 11 percent that they hoped for cheap holidays to their partner’s homeland.

Surprisingly for the notoriously language-shy Brits, 10 percent said they enjoyed the opportunity to learn a language. Less surprisingly, 8 percent said that a foreign lover would have greater sexual prowess.

The survey did not reveal why British men are so keen on Swedish women, although a number of Swedish women have become big stars in the UK, including television presenter Ulrika Jonsson and model Victoria Silvstedt.

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