Shed in restaurant used as hotel room

A hotel in northern Sweden came up with a novel solution to overbooking - placing guests in sheds in the dining room.

The unusual practice came to light when a couple who had booked into the hotel in Kiruna were shown to their room. Instead of the accommodation they had been expecting, they were shown to one of five wooden sheds that had been constructed in the hotel restaurant.

The disappointed pair reported the incident to the local authority.

“Imagine our surprise when our room consists of a big room full of five sheds! We were expected to spend the night in one of these,” the couple wrote in their complaint to the council.

Fire officers visited the hotel following the complaint and put a stop to the unusual hotel rooms.

“The sheds are just made of wood and have no fire protection. Hotel rooms should be separated into fire cells, protected from the neighbouring room,” said fire officer Peter Kangedal to Sveriges Radio.