Wolves on the run from wildlife park

Two young wolves are on the run from Kolmården wildlife park in eastern Sweden. When staff arrived on Wednesday morning they discovered that the one-year-old males had dug their way out of the enclosure during the night.

The disappearance has been reported to the authorities. The wolves are not considered to pose any danger to humans.

“They are two young males who were born last spring. They are very active and clearly also very determined.

“They managed to get out of the enclosure by digging one metre under the fence,” said Kolmården’s zoological manager Mats Höggren.

Fugitives from Kolmården generally return off their own bat. The young wolves have not learned to hunt and will presumably have difficulty finding food.

“They are quite shy, even though they are somewhat used to humans. But they left on their own, and they are not tame like some of our other wolves,” said Höggren.

The wildlife park has established a communications centre and sent out a search party to try to locate the missing animals.

Staff are hoping that tips from the general public will help them to bring the wolves back.

There are not thought to be any other wild wolves in the area at present. During the winter a wild male was spotted in the vicinity but he later moved on to new hunting ground.

“It would probably not be so good for our young animals to bump into a wild male wolf. There is a risk that he would kill them immediately,” said Höggren.