Snoop website to be stopped

A website giving details of the income and address of everyone living in Sweden is to be stopped by the Swedish tax authority.

Website Ratsit makes it possible to search for people’s income, wealth and other sensitive details. Now the head of the tax authority, Mats Sjöstrand, has said that he plans to put a stop to the service.

The details on sites like Ratsit come initially from the tax authority. They are passed on to credit rating agencies, which Sjöstrand said have a legitimate interest in obtaining the information.

Sjöstrand writes in Svenska Dagbladet that he will stop delivering the tax authority’s information to credit rating companies, unless these companies can guarantee that the person whose income details are being requested are informed.

It has long been possible to anonymously request the income details of anyone living in Sweden simply by calling the tax authority itself. Sjöstrand did not indicate any plans to change this practice.