Social Democrat voters not keen on Sahlin

When Mona Sahlin takes over as leader of the Social Democrats at Saturday's party congress, she does so without the whole-hearted support of the party's voters.

According to a new Synovate Temo survey, just 56 percent of Social Democrat voters have confidence in Sahlin. This can be compared with a full 91 percent of Moderate Party voters who expressed their support for Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Mona Sahlin can however draw some comfort from the fact that the only leader to score lower than her was outgoing party chairman, Göran Persson, who polled 53 percent.

Of the remaining party leaders, the Centre Party’s Maud Olofsson (89%) was closest to Reinfeldt in terms of voter popularity.

Maria Wetterstrand, spokeswoman for the Greens, enjoys the support of 85 percent of her party’s voters. Green Party spokesman Peter Eriksson (63 percent) is somewhat less popular.

Göran Hägglund (84%), leader of the Christian Democrats, seems to have successfully stepped out of the shadow of his charismatic predecessor, Alf Svensson.

Lars Ohly (65%) on the other hand has not yet managed to convince Left Party voters that he is the right person for the job.

The poll, carried out in the period from March 8th to 14th, is based on a survey of 1,056 people .