Security Service drops tsunami tapes investigation

The Swedish Security Service (SÄPO) has confirmed that the tsunami tapes found in government offices in October 2006 have not been manipulated. A number of individual e-mails may however have gone missing as a result of a server error.

On December 20th 2004, just days before the tsunami disaster, a server error was detected which was not repaired until December 28th. The tsunami catastrophe occurred on December 26th.

All of the material from this period was stored on a back-up server, with just one exception.

“If a user sent e-mail to the trashcan, and then emptied the trashcan, between Decemer 20th and 27th, it is not possible to recover this data from the material on the tapes,” said Anders Thörnberg, a Security Service spokesman.

Thörnberg added that, while it was impossible to say whether e-mails had been deleted at the time, the Security Service was certain that the tapes had not been tampered with.