Rescuers find road crash man using mobile phone signal

A man who was stuck in his car after a road accident on Saturday night was found by rescuers after they tracked the location of his mobile phone .

The man was seriously injured when his car veered off a minor road south of Forshaga. Just after midnight the man himself was able to call SOS Alarm, but he was unable to say where he was.

All he could say was that he was driving from Landvetter, outside Gothenburg, to Bolmsö – 150 kilometres away.

He said that he had lost control and had ended up a long way from the road.

But with the help of telecom operator Telia , the location of the man’s mobile phone could be traced.

“We knew which mast he was closest to and that the car was around one kilometre from the mast,” said Mats Rosenqvist, spokesman at Jönköping police.

“Within that area there were four roads which we searched. After an hour we found him.”

When rescuers arrived, the man was stuck inside his car. He was taken to hospital with serious, but not life-threatening, injuries.