Policeman rammed scouts on moped

A policeman in Haninge has been charged with misconduct after ramming a moped on which two 17-year-old boys were travelling.

The police officer thought the boys had robbed a grocery store. In fact, they had nothing to do with the nearby robbery – they were on their way home from a scout meeting.

One of the boys received severe injuries when he fell off the moped in connection with the collision.

When questioned by his fellow officers, the policeman said he was convinced that the two boys were guilty of a robbery in a Konsum supermarket on the outskirts of Stockholm. He had just received a message that the two robbers were armed and had fled the scene on a moped, Metro reports.

When the driver did not immediately pull over, the policeman rammed the moped from behind. He claims to have done so in order to prevent himself and his female colleague from being shot at from the side.

The misconduct charge has arisen from his decision to ram the vehicle rather than call for back-up.