Man loses nose at fiftieth birthday party

A fiftieth birthday party at an apartment in the eastern Swedish village of Valbo degenerated into a physical fight on Tuesday evening.

After some initial wrestling, a 42-year-old man had the tip of his nose bitten off by his 45-year-old antagonist. The missing piece of his nose has not been found.

Having failed to sort out their differences verbally, the 42-year-old wrestled the other man to the ground and held him down. But his rival managed to pull himself up into a sitting position, from which he bit off the tip of the 42-year-old’s nose.

Having spat out the piece of flesh, the 45-year-old proceeded to punch the younger man above the ear, Arbetarbladet reports.

According to police, the two men are close relatives. Neither of the men were previously known to the police.