Teacher warned for racist remarks

A teacher from Sandviken in eastern Sweden has received a warning after making racist comments in the classroom.

“Cleaning is not something for nice white girls,” Galina Moroz is reported to have told her pupils, all of whom are in their late teens.

“There are Turks and people of other races for jobs like that,” she added.

Moroz, 51, is also active in local politics but was asked to leave the Moderate Party when it became known that she had expressed racist sentiments at her school. She agreed to leave the party but has remained on the council in an independent capacity.

Moroz is herself an immigrant, having come to Sweden from Russia in 1981.

Her pupils also accuse her of having said that “there are so few white people in the world that others should clean for us” and that “people in France know where black and white people should work.”

On Thursday she received a formal warning from her employer for having made racist and xenophobic comments, newspaper Arbetarbladet reports.

Moroz has denied expressing herself in such a way. But the council, in consultation with the National Union of Teachers (Lärarnas Riksförbund), found her pupils’ accounts to be credible.

As this was the first time the school had receive complaints about Moroz, her employer ruled that is was not necessary terminate her contract.