Army major dies after tank overturns

An army officer died early on Saturday morning after a tank overturned in a ditch during exercises in southern Sweden.

The officer, 38-year-old Major Tomas Dahlberg, was training with the P7 Southern Skåne Regiment at the Revinge exercise area to the east of Lund. A further eight people were involved in the crash, which happened just before 4am.

Lund University Hospital said that one of the soldiers had minor injuries and was being kept at the hospital for observation. The other seven were kept in for observation.

“During a military training exercise a Stridsfordon 90 tank left the road and overturned in a ditch full of water;” said Lars Lindwall of Skåne Police.

Four people were inside the tank when in turned over, according to the regiment.

The exercise was intended to train soldiers to move in the dark, and involved 700 service personnel. It is so far unclear what caused the accident.

Major Dahlberg had been commanding the tank, and was sitting towards the front of the tank in an elevated position. This meant that he was furthest down when the tank turned over.

A crisis group is now taking care of soldiers, most of whom were conscripts.

The incident is being investigated by Skåne Police.