Ex-policeman accused of sex club assault

A former policeman is suspected of involvement a brutal assault near a Stockholm sex club on Thursday ninght.

The 39-year old former policeman hid his face under a blanket as prison guards escorted him into his remand hearing at Stockholm District Court on Saturday.

The man is suspected of involvement in the attack, which took off Götgatan in the Södermalm district of the capital. The victim of the assault was beaten unconscious with an iron bar.

The row that led to the attack was reported in various media to have started at the sex club, which is one block away from where the man was found. The suspect resigned from the police force late last year, and went to work for the company that runs the sex club.

The court remanded the man in custody on suspicion of being an accessory to assault. Prosecutors are due to decide as early as Wednesday whether to apply for the man to be detained further.

“The prosecutor has not applied for a longer remand period. That is good for my client,” said the man’s lawyer, Johan Eriksson.

He said that the former policeman denies the accusations and has given an account of his movements on the evening of the attack.

Prosecutor Barbro Wahlqvist would not reveal whether anyone else has been arrested in connection with the assault.