New briefs cheaper than laundry

Staff at Lund University Hospital could save taxpayers a million kronor a year by getting patients to buy new underwear instead of washing their used briefs, it has emerged.

Washing a pair of briefs in the hospital’s laundry service costs 13.50 kronor ($2). But under the terms of a new deal from a clothes supplier, the hospital could buy new underpants for just 6 kronor – less than half the price. If the hospital stopped washing underwear altogether and simply bought new briefs for all patients, over a million kronor of taxpayers money would be saved annually.

While the replacement underpants may hardly be Calvin Kleins, the price difference has raised objections from hospital staff. After nurses pointed out the high cost of washing, bureaucrats at the hospital have been scratching their heads:

“I have asked our administrators to check again whether the calculations are correct,” said hospital boss Bent Christensen, who said he was glad that clinical staff were engaged in the drive to reduce costs.