‘Unique’ shipwreck found near Stockholm

A unique and very well-preserved 17th century shipwreck has been found on the seabed outside Stockholm. The ship is standing upright on the seabed, with two of its three masts still attached and its cargo and log books still in place, according to preliminary findings.

The ship, found near the island of Dalarö , in the Stockholm archipelago , is estimated to be 20 metres long. So far marine archaeologists from the National Maritime Museums have been unable to say what kind of vessel it is, although they say that it is likely to be a cargo or transport ship. One cannon was found onboard.

The National Maritime Museums have described the shipwreck as “unique in the world”

The wreck was discovered by professional divers in 2003, but its existence has only now been revealed to the public. A ban has been issued on diving or anchoring near the wreck, which is in an area popular with sailors.

The wreck will be fully documented in May by marine archaeologists.

The National Maritime Museums and Haninge Municipality have said that they would like to open a ‘diving park’ in the Dalarö area, of which the newly discovered wreck could be a part.

“Several wrecks from the 16th to 18th centuries have been found in the area: for example the Anna Maria, the Riksäpple, the Gröne Jägaren and the Bellevue wreck,” the National Maritime Museums said in a statement.