2-year-olds found walking on busy street

Two boys who celebrate their second birthdays this April took a walk from their daycare centre in the village of Lindö in eastern Sweden on Monday. A man who knew the boys spotted them out strolling on the village's busiest street.

Having taken the boys out of harm’s way, the man immediately contacted their parents. The boys’ disappearance had gone completely unnoticed at the Båten daycare centre.

The boys had left by the kitchen door and were able to walk right out onto the street. Since the building had recently been renovated, there were no gates or fences to keep the fugitives in.

The incident has now been reported to the police and at least one of the boys will not be going back to Båten. Lukas Eriksson’s grandmother has agreed to babysit until an alternative can be found.

“I was already thinking of changing to Solstrålen this autumn,” Lukas’s mother, Cecilia Eriksson told Norrköpings Tidning.

Local daycare co-ordinator Britt-Marie Lexung has pledged to do all she can to ensure that there will be no repeat of Monday’s incident.

“This is incredibly embarrassing. We view the matter very seriously,” she told Norrköpings Tidning.