State sued by doctors acquitted of 1984 murder

Two doctors who were acquitted of murdering a prostitute 23 years ago have sued the state for 35 million kronor ($5 million).

Four years after the 1984 murder of Catrine da Costa, the men – a general practitioner and a pathologist – were cleared of the murder charges.

The district court ruled however said that the men had dismembered her body after she was murdered, which resulted in them losing their medical licences in 1991.

The men continue to proclaim their innocence, arguing that they have in effect been found guilty of a crime for which they were never charged.

Last year the Chancellor of Justice turned down their call for an appeal on the grounds that they had never been convicted.

The men have now taken the alternative route of suing the state for the distress caused and the accumulated loss of income.

The murder of Catrine da Costa remains unsolved.