KappAhl defies Hells Angels

Clothing retailer KappAhl has decided to defy the wishes of the Hells Angels and continue selling a range of t-shirts with a winged skull motif.

The t-shirts are now back on the shelves to four stores in southern Sweden despite the threat of reprisals if the chain did not remove the offending items.

According to Annette Ravenshorst, a spokeswoman for KappAhl, legal experts have now examined the items of clothing at the centre of the controversy.

“They have expressed to us their opinion that the image printed on the garments in question almost certainly does not constitute a trademark infringement,” she told Dagens Nyheter.

Last week two members of the Hells Angels threatened to assault a staff member at an outlet in Malmö.

They claimed that an image printed on a range of t-shirts too closely resembled the winged skull that is the motorcycle club’s trademark.

“They threatened to beat up the employee,” a witness told Aftonbladet.

KappAhl made an immediate decision to remove the offending items from its stores in Malmö and Helsingborg .

Police in Malmö have launched an investigation into the threats.