Sweden’s last vagabond wants to get stuffed

Bengt Vincent, who calls himself Sweden's last vagabond, has written to Ystad council with a novel suggestion. When he dies, the rambling musician wants to be stuffed and put on display in the town museum.

Having grown up in Ystad, Vincent is keen for his body to return to the southern Swedish town. There he would like his stuffed frame to become a tourist attraction at the old Franciscan monastery, which now houses the local museum.

“I have had this idea for many years. In times to come people will be able to get an idea of what a real vagabond looked like,” Vincent told newspaper Kvällsposten.

“I’d prefer that to lying rotting in some cemetery,” he added.

Bengt Vincent has spent most of his life wandering the byroads of Sweden with his trusty accordion. He claims to have lived from the fruits of his music ever since he was four year old.

Should the council grant him his wish, the busking 73-year-old has asked for his choice of clothing to be taken into consideration.

“I would like to be dressed in my old folk musician suit,” he said.

Catharina Lindell, a spokeswoman for Ystad council, has said that the council will need to mull over the idea for a while.

“But I think we would prefer to do something with the living Bengt Vincent. We’re not likely to open any catacombs at the monastery,” she told Kvällsposten.