‘Many Liberals knew about election spying’

Several leading figures in the Liberal Party knew that other party members were spying on the Social Democrats' internal computer network.

This has been alleged by Per Jodenius, former secretary of the party’s youth wing, ahead of his impending trial. Jodenius has admitted to illegally accessing the rival party’s network on 131 separate occasion from January to August 2006.

“There were a lot of people who knew about this but wouldn’t dare admit it,” he told Svenska Dagbladet.

Jodenius claims that everybody who worked at the youth organization’s Stockholm office was aware that he was regularly logging on to Sapnet, the Social Democrats’ private network.

Two current members of parliament, Fredrik Malm and Nina Larsson, knew what was going on long before it became public knowledge, according to Jodenius.

“People in the Liberal Party are lying to save their own skin. They are only talking about things if there is a risk that they will be exposed,” he said.

The spying scandal broke shortly before the election when it emerged that a number of Liberal Party members had acquired login details to the Social Democratic Party’s internal computer network.

Apart from Jodenius, the list of defendants also includes former party secretary Johan Jakobsson, press officer Niki Westerberg and former Expressen journalist Niklas Svensson.

Per Jodenius lost his job when the extent of his involvement became clear. He has since moved back to his home town of Växjö.

“I am regretful. I wish I could turn the clock back one and a half years. But now I have to face the consequences of what I did. At least it’s better than lying,” he said.