Swedish security companies barred from war zones

Swedish authorities are to bar security companies from working in war zones.

All security companies must apply for a new permit by July 1st. The licence will clearly state the types of assignments that a company is permitted to accept.

Any companies found to be taking on assignments in war zones will have their licences revoked.

Last week the company Dynsec lost its licence as a training company for Swedish security guards, Dagens Nyheter reports.

Last summer a 27-year-old Swede was killed as he guarded a convoy north of Baghdad. The man was working for a British company but had been trained by Dynsec, which bases its training on protection in high risk areas.

Having looked at Dynsec’s website, which contained images of automatic weapons and explosions, the county administrative board decided to revoke the company’s licence for training security guards in Sweden.

The board ruled that it was not possible to combine authorized training with “personal protection of a more offensive nature”.

Any companies that leave the Swedish labour market to concentrate fully on international high risk areas do not require a licence from Swedish authorities.