Security guard shot outside Stockholm bar

A security guard at Stockholm's Blue Moon Bar was shot in the chest late on Thursday night. He was protected from injury by a bullet-proof vest.

At 3am a grey Volvo drove slowly past the bar. A man stepped out of the vehicle and fired a shot at the security guard.

“Everybody standing around was really shocked, not least the security guard,” said police spokeswoman Kristina Berglund.

Police put up road blocks at all exit points leading out of the city. The search for the vehicle involved in the attack has however so far proved fruitless.

During the night police questioned the security guard as well as a a number of victims. A motive for the shooting has not yet been established.

According to police spokeswoman Eva Nilsson, the man was hit by a single shot. He did not incur any injuries.

“The vest may well have saved his life,” she said.

Police are examining a bullet found at the scene in order to ascertain the type of weapon used in the shooting.

It is hoped that suveillance footage from Kungsgatan will help to provide a clearer view of exactly what happened.