Thousands without email as Telia’s servers crash

There may be no electronic Easter greetings for, or from, many of Telia's customers this year: the telecommunications company's servers have been hit by a problem that means customers can neither send nor receive email.

For some subscribers to Telia’s internet service – and customers of Sonera in Finland – the problem has been ongoing for a day already.

“There is a big problem with email traffic,” admitted Telia Sweden’s press officer, Jan Sjöberg, at lunchtime on Easter Saturday.

According to Sjöberg the fault lies with the server platforms. He said that the probelm seemed to be that the email servers ‘aren’t recognising users’.

On the days before the Easter break, Telia’s email servers were pounded with an unusually high amount of spam, according to sources who spoke to Aftonbladet.

Jan Sjöberg said he did not know how many customers in Sweden and Finland are affected. But he said that the issue should be fixed by lunchtime on Easter Sunday.

Telia has around a million broadband customers in Sweden.

Marjaana Kytö Tideström is one of them. She said that she discovered the fault on Friday morning.

“My email wasn’t coming in or going out. I couldn’t get to it through web mail or on my phone either,” she explained.

“It’s terrible because I’m going on holiday tomorrow and I need to be able to get to my tickets.”