New salad bar owners sign agreement

The new owners of the previously blockaded Gothenburg salad bar Wild'n Fresh have signed a collective bargaining agreement. The Hotel and Restaurant Union originally launched its blockade after former owner Sofia Appelgren refused to sign.

Since the new owners have now joined the Swedish Hotel and Restaurant Association, the salad bar is automatically covered by the collective agreement between the union and the employers’ association.

The Hotel and Restaurant Union has reacted positively to the news that the salad bar had become a member of the employers’ association.

“In this way they will gain knowledge about the industry as well as support in issues surrounding wages and conditions for employees. Above all it is good that the salad bar can now compete on the same terms as everybody else in the area,” said spokesman Dan Fransson in a statement.

The union intends now to continue approaching companies that have not yet signed collective agreements. The campaign in the Linnéstaden district in campaign has so far led to signing of around 50 new agreements.

The much-publicized Wild’n Fresh blockade lasted for almost four months. Sofia Appelgren refused to sign a collective bargaining agreement and eventually sold her business.