Swedish babies the height of fashion

Swedish infants can look forward to a stylish summer when nappy maker Libero releases its new range of diapers this May.

The company’s limited edition Spring Collection combines the needs of a baby with the attitude of a teenager.

Before they have even been toilet trained, Swedish kids can show that they mean business. Among the images printed on the designer diapers are a bling bling chain, a studded belt and a heart-shaped ‘make love not war’ motif.

“We got information from a lot of parents that they really love fashion.

“And to be honest we looked at H and M and their collections – with Madonna and so on – and decided to joke a little bit by doing something similar,” Sofia Hallberg, a spokeswoman for Libero, told The Local.

If the nappies sell out, the company might consider making them a permanent fixture.

“The idea of this is to celebrate parents and their interest in fashion. We absolutely do not want to turn children into fashion objects,” said Hallberg.

Since parents change around 2,000 diapers a year, the five different patterns may help to break the monotony somewhat, said Hallberg.

She also stressed that “there is no difference between nappies for girls and boys”.

The limited edition series is to be launched next month in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Hungary and Greece.