Pre-school children in dog poo protest

Kids at a Malmö pre-school have seen more dog poo than they are willing to accept.

On Wednesday the children took to the streets in a bid to force dog owners to scoop the poop.

After a morning spent expressing their anger creatively, the young protesters left their pre-school armed with an array of very small placards.

These they proceeded to place in the middle of every piece of dog poo they could find.

The children were led into action by one of their minders, Ann-Sofie Johnsson, who almost took a tumble after a recent close encounter of the turd kind.

“In Malmö there is very much dog shit in the street. It’s everywhere.

“Nearly every day when I am out with the children, I have to say: ‘Look out for the dog shit’,” Johnsson told The Local.

The children’s bright and strongly worded signs may soon alleviate the need to tread carefully.

‘You who have left this, have you never stepped on dog poo yourself?’ they inquire of thoughtless dog owners.

‘Pick up after yourself’, reads a small pink sign in the middle of another lump.

‘An old woman could slip on a piece of dog poo and break her leg’, they remind passers-by.

The first batch of twenty signs was soon dispatched to the front lines of the war against canine ordure. And on Thursday the troops were back out in the field.

“I don’t know how long we will continue with this. Maybe some of the other daycare centres will join us,” said Johnsson.