Liberals put more pressure on Leijonborg

Liberal Party leader Lars Leijonborg is coming under renewed pressure from members of his own party. A second party district has now called on Leijonborg to leave his post.

The chairman of the Liberals in Blekinge, Erik Lindborg, said that Leijonborg had been in the job long enough.

“Leijonborg has been there for ten year. We now believe that others can lead the party better,” Lindborg told Blekinge Läns Tidning.

The Blekinge Liberals hope that Leijonborg, who is also education minister, can be replaced as leader at the party’s conference in the autumn.

“Given the election result it would be suitable to have a change,” said Lindborg.

The local party had not taken a position on who should take over, Lindborg said.

“We have five or six suitable candidates, but no concrete proposals. Many think it’s important to have a woman, but that’s not the board’s position. We don’t want to impose unnecessary limitations,” he said.

Leading Liberals in Dalarna have previously said that Leijonborg should be replaced in good time for the 2010 election. They said they favoured Schools Minister Jan Björklund as Leijonborg’s successor.