Economy feeds on load of rubbish

Last year the average Stockholmer disposed of over 300 kilos of household waste. This was more than ever before and, according to city officials, is yet another sign that the Swedish economy is thriving.

A similar trend is also apparent in the rest of the country.

“People are spending more money and buying more things, which results in more garbage,” said Stockholm City’s refuse manager Mats Cronqvist.

Energy company Fortum has noticed a marked increase in the amount of household refuse arriving at its treatment plant in Högdalen in the south of Stockholm.

“We have considerably expanded our plant over the last few years,” spokesman Nils Andersson told news agency TT.

But Stockholm City wants to reduce the amount of rubbish that ends up in the treatment plants. Around a quarter of the trash that ends up there should have been recycled instead.

While people have become better at sorting their trash, Mats Cronqvist is intent on encouraging residents of the capital to recycle more.

“We currently have 250 recycling stations and the aim is to put out a further 100,” he said.