800 Swedish conscripts turned away

A lack of money and commanding officers means that around 800 Swedish conscripts will be prevented from entering service next January. The National Service Administration (Pliktverket) is nevertheless planning to argue each individual's case, reports Svenska Dagbladet.

Five thousand conscripts have been told where they will begin their National Service period on January 28th next year. But now 790 of them will not be able to do military service.

Never before have so many been demobilized in one fell swoop.

In a letter to the National Service Administration, the Swedish Armed Forces wrote that 500 conscripts could not be trained due to a lack of finances. For the remaining 290 youngsters there are no commanding officers available.

“The military cannot tell us what to do. We have to emphasise the individuals’ rights. The conscripts cannot be shunted about just like that. We will not go along with it if the individual doesn’t accept it,” said Björn Körlof, head of the National Service Administration, to SvD.

The Ministry of Defence has not been informed about the matter by the Swedish Armed Forces.