School slammed for using Bible in reports

A school in western Sweden has been reprimanded by authorities after it used biblical quotations in pupils' reports.

The Borås Christian School was also slammed by the Swedish National Agency for Education for not employing a high enough proportion of qualified teachers, and for leaving out central parts of the curriculum in certain subjects.

Headmaster Nils Håkan Sjölin told Swedish Radio that some of the criticism was based on misunderstandings, but he said that the school would listen and make the changes demanded by authorities.

“Our intention is to do this according to the framework of the law and of society, but parents who send their children to our school must be prepared for them come home and say that God exists,” said Sjölin.

Sjölin added that he expected the proportion of qualified teachers to rise from 56 percent at the time of the inspection last year, to 80 percent within a year.

The school, funded by public money, teaches pupils from pre-school age up to age 16.