Rosengård disturbances continue

Police reinforcements were again required in the Rosengård district of Malmö following a series of disturbances on Monday night.

The ten police officers already patrolling the area were joined by five more as fighting broke out and fires were lit.

“There were a lot of people out and it wasn’t until 1.45am that things calmed down and most of them had left,” said police spokesman Peter Martin.

Monday’s disturbances began when a police car had its rear window smashed at around 8pm.

This was followed by a number of small fires, as loading pallets and other objects were set alight. There was no major damage caused by these fires however and police are treating them as vandalism.

Shortly after 11pm a more serious blaze was reported in a basement on Von Rosens Väg.

“We have categorized it as arson,” said Martin.

Another fire at a store on Ramels Väg just before 1am is also being classified as arson.

Both fires were quickly brought under control and they did not result in any major damage.

Police were also forced to intervene when a fight broke out between two adult men. Both were arrested after one of the men had drawn a knife and slashed the other man’s clothing.

“On Tuesday morning we are meeting with council staff and emergency services to see what we can do together to calm the situation down.

“For the time being we have set aside special police patrols for Rosengård,” said Martin.