Escaped wolf found after month-long search

Over a month after its escape from Kolmården wildlife park, a young male wolf was finally found and shot dead beside a sheep pasture outside Strägnäs on Monday. Staff from Kolmården have identified the animal.

The farmer who shot the wolf is suspected of a breach of hunting laws. But Kaj Sjunnesson argues that he was left with little choice.

“It was headed right for the 300 ewes I had in the enclosed pasture. The situation was crystal clear.

“I tright to frighten the wolf by screaming at it, but it didn’t react. It just kept going towards the sheep,” he told Eskilstuna-Kuriren.

Two young wolves dug their way out of their enclosure in mid-March.

One of the wolves was discovered one kilometre away from the wildlife park two days after its escape. The animal was put down when staff were unable to get close enough to administer an anaesthetic.