Sex offender ‘Alexandra’ has sentence reduced

A man who sexually assaulted 58 girls after luring them to meetings by pretending to be a woman has had his sentenced reduced to ten years' imprisonment.

The man, 31, who posed in internet chat rooms as a modelling agent called Alexandra had originally been sentenced to 11 years in jail, but the Court of Appeal in Malmö reduced this sentence by one year.

The court found Atheer al Suhairy guilty of assaulting and, in some cases, raping his victims. His sentence also includes a permanent deportation order.

Al Suhairy has been described as manipulative and charming but also quick to resort to physical violence.

Many of the girls who fell victim to his charms have suffered serious psychological damage as a result, with some reported to have attempted suicide.

Al Suhairy has denied assaulting the girls, claiming that they had sex with him willingly, sometimes in return for payment.

He has however admitted to paying for sex from girls under the age of 18.

Al Suhairy long claimed that Alexandra was a real woman. But towards the end of the trial in the Court of Appeal, he admitted that the name was used by him and and a number of other people to establish contact on the internet.