Swedish fighter plane crashes

A JAS Gripen fighter plane has crashed at Vidsel airport in Norrbotten in northern Sweden.

“We first got the alert from the tower in Vidsel at 3.42pm,” Stefan Johansson from the Air Rescue Coordination Centre in Gothenburg told The Local.

“They heard a big bang and when they looked out they saw the pilot hanging there in his chute,”

Rescue and police helicopters were quickly sent to the scene.

“But when they arrived they found the pilot walking towards them,” said Johansson.

The pilot is not thought to have suffered any injuries but has been taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

“The wreck of the plane was quite scattered and there were some local fires but these seem to be under control now,” said Johansson.

As yet there are no indications as to what may have caused the crash.

“We will wait for a commission to reach its findings,” said Johansson.

The small village of Vidsel is located in the Arctic circle.

A military base in the area is often used for test flights of Swedish military aircraft.