Man suspected of drugging rape victim

A 22-year-old man being held by police in Gothenburg on suspicion of rape and assault is thought to have drugged all four of his known victims. Police in the city suspect that he may have carried out further attacks of a similar nature.

At the end of March police arrested a 22-year-old man in connection with a rape the previous month. The suspect is thought to have drugged his victim before having sex with her.

The detainee is also suspected of assaulting three further women earlier this year. The man’s victims were all exposed to the same drug.

“We don’t want to say exactly what drug it was as we don’t want to encourage anybody to use it. But it’s not a drug that is classified as a narcotic,” said police investigator Christina Lycke Alhbin.

The effects of the drug lasted for several days, causing nausea and loss of memory.

“The girls were tested two days afterwards and the drug was still in their blood, which is very unusual,” said Lycke Alhbin.

Three of the women managed to make their way back out of the apartment in central Gothenburg where the attacks took place.

“Obviously they are not doing too well but they have no physical scars,” said Lycke Alhbin.

Police suspect that several more women may have fallen victim to the same type of crime from autumn of last year to March 2007. Any women with similar experiences are encouraged to get in touch with police.