Swedish PM to meet Bush in May for energy talks

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt will meet US President George W. Bush in Washington on May 15th for talks on alternative energy sources, the Swedish government said on Friday.

“It’s a very important visit for Sweden because it will enable us to present our work on energy issues,” Reinfeldt’s spokesman Oscar Hållen told AFP.

Reinfeldt, who heads a centre-right government in power since October 2006, is also scheduled to meet UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for talks on the same subject.

Two cooperation agreements are expected to be signed between Sweden and the United States, US ambassador to Sweden Michael Wood told Swedish news agency TT.

The first concerns a collaboration between universities, researchers and businesses on alternative energy sources. The second covers biofuels research.

According to Wood, five energy collaboration projects could receive US funding. One of those is the company Swedish Biofuels, whose ethanol for airplanes has caught the interest of the US Department of Defence.

Sweden, a world leader in environmental issues, is heavily involved in the development of renewable energies, in particular biofuels.