Testicle ‘worth more than fallopian tube’

A testicle is worth more than a fallopian tube - at least according to Swedish authorities. While men who lose a testicle after botched operations in Swedish hospitals get compensation, women who lose a fallopian tube get nothing.

Christian Democrat politician Sverker Ågren is now trying to change this. Women and men should be treated equally, he argues.

“This reeks of discrimination,” he told newspaper Dagbladet.

People who are injured in Swedish hospitals can apply for compensation under the Patient Injuries Act, but men and women are treated differently, Ågren says.

“I was very surprised. But this was nothing new for the experts,” said Ågren, a member of the National Patient Inury Board and a local politician in northern Sweden.

“This is a blemish that must be erased. There should not be sexual discrimination when one is injured as a patient.”

The explanation for the difference is that losing a testicle leaves a man with visible scars, while the lost of a fallopian tube does not have a visible effect for a woman. Neither losing a single testicle nor a single fallopian tube prevents people from having children.