Love causes man to steal from 90-year-old mother

A 64-year-old man from Mölndal in western Sweden fell foul of the law after withdrawing more than one million kronor ($145,000) from his 90-year-old mother's bank account.

Much of the money went straight into the apron pockets of a women working at the local hot dog stand for whom the man had developed a romantic liking.

The defendant took over his mother’s finances when she entered an old people’s home in 2005. Before falling in love with a hot dog seller many years his junior, the 64-year-old had used the account solely to pay his mother’s bills.

But the quickening of his heartbeat was soon matched by the rapid disappearance of funds from his mother’s account. In just three months he took out over one million kronor, Metro reports.

On occasion he showered his fast food friend with expensive gifts. Other times he simply gave her large sums of money.

In retrospect, the man said he felt used by the the object of his affections. In court the man’s sister described him as a “very nice but somewhat gullible person”.

On learning of her son’s theft and subsequent legal predicament, the man’s mother offered to give him the money as a retroactive gift.

This gesture from the 90-year-old woman enabled her son, who has no previous convictions, to plead not guilty.

The court however ruled that he had abused the trust of an elderly person and found him guilty of theft.

He was given a one year suspended sentence as well as 240 hours of community service.