Swedes willing to lower living standards for climate

Four out of 10 Swedes are willing to lower their standard of living to help stop global warming, while seven out of 10 say they are worried about climate change, a study published on Tuesday showed.

“The concern is to be expected but the willingness to change the way we live is more widespread than seen before. Climate issues are very powerful and affect people profoundly,” Anders Lindholm, the head of the Demoskop polling institute which carried out the study, told the daily Dagens Nyheter.

“Previously people were not so affected by the phenomenon but now it has a personal impact on people. Buying environmentally friendly products, such as cars, now has status,” he added.

A total of 89 percent of those polled said it was important for individuals to take responsibility for a better climate and as many as 72 percent said they already recycle their rubbish.

Many also said they buy environmentally friendly and locally produced products, or would be willing to do so.

Only a few however are willing to make changes in the way they travel and about half of the respondents said they would not travel less.

The study, in which some 2,500 people were interviewed on climate and environmental issues, was compiled by Demoskop and commissioned by Swedish TV4.